2017-10-13 15:05

• *Introduction*
• Hey everyone ,, if you don't already know, there is a server called Ninja Online.
Iam kinda old on this forum but i was only follow threads and servers
We know that cap110 is the most cap beloved for you. So we decide to create a new server with this cap.
But as we know most of the PS ppl get bored from them so fast cus of the high rates and the over edit on it
and the easy ways to get the last gear. Then there is no fun on that. So we think about making a pure cap 110
system with no over edits to feel the isro old times with new systems to make it much fun
Here's some information of our server!
• What is our goal:
Everyone writes at this point that it is the main goal of the server, that you get a good pleasure inside the game and we will also write That, but let us know how you will get this pleasure?, how we can make you happy?,How do we make it clear to you? that we are not like the rest of the servers and that we are not saying something and doing something else, we are not our goal is to raise money as we explained in the past that we are not babys. Happy to make you spend good times inside him.
• Do you own a guild?
If you are the president of guild then Spitze is your place, where you will get the pleasure of you and your guild, we support you a lot,We want you to read our subject with great care so that you know how to support you
• Are you a single player?
You are also welcome inside the server and we support you. We also want you to get some new friends
• Promises :
Silkroad community,We promised you Huh to offer you a game in a very magnificence, a game that elevates the level of the player to another level of play does not depend on one thing only, but you can do many things inside you can spend a wonderful leisure time inside

• Beta Phase:
We wont make a beta phase cus our team tested everything ingame and everything is fine that why we not want to spend time with testing again
• Grand Opening:
Date Of Grand Opening : 1.12.2017 15:00 GMT+2


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Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline 73 / 1000

Server Info

  • Cap : 110
  • Races : CH&EU
  • EXP/SP : 25x
  • EXP/SP (Party) : 30x
  • Tradegoods : Enable
  • Magic-Pop : Enable
  • Capture Flag : Enable
  • Battle-Arena : Enable
  • PC (HWID) : [3]
  • Union Limit : [3]
  • Guild Limit : [50]
  • FWG : Enabled
  • FTW : Enabled
  • Max-Plus : 13 No Advance
  • Max Plus : With advance [15]
  • Silk Hour : 1 Silks


  • Servertime: 00:50:30
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday
  • Battle/Arena:
  • CTF:

Last 10 Unique Kills

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